Knowledge, Collaboration, Cocreation

We start with business system analysis to capture the applicable work practices and focuses on facilitating effective team collaboration to set the foundation for innovative continuous improvements in operations and work environment.


Organize Processes, Knowledge, and Work Practices through Methodical Analysis

  • Apply system analysis framework to organize processes, knowledge, and work practices; highlight gaps and opportunities for improvements
  • Gather information through interviews, observations via meeting attendance or site-visits, online survey, and key document review etc.
  • Recommend a customized training strategy for onboarding and cultivating agile thinkers

Reprocess & Engage

Facilitate Collaboration and Project Management ; Utilize Cloud-Based Portal to Streamline Communication

  • Prepare agenda and report preliminary analysis results to meeting or workshop participants; translate decisions to visual management tools
  • Facilitate discussions of common goals, project planning, issues, changes, monitoring metrics and data collection etc.
  • Set up and provide orientation for project portal; customize, implement, and update project portal based on initial objectives and evolving situations

Next Steps...

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