KoCreation Design uses a holistic approach to training which situates each individual task in context of broader scope of knowledge and responsibilities. We customize training programs with principles from current and emerging research: whole-task learning, part-task practice, supportive information and just-in-time presentation. The five-step process includes: Needs Assessment, Content Analysis and Recommendations, Presentation, Evaluation, and Scheduling. We also offer workshops that can be tailored to meet your needs. 

Step 1: Needs Assessment

Our team begins by understanding your organization’s unique training needs.  By assessing both the program and the individuals who have been trained through it, we gain a 360°view of your organization’s training needs. Our typical approach includes:

  • Program
    • Gathering and analyzing information regarding the roles, including required knowledge, procedures and tasks, related dependencies, and situational expectations
    • Mapping and visualizing processes and dependencies to gain a holistic understanding of all roles
  • Individual
    • Discussing role, responsibilities and frustrations to clarify gaps in current understanding
    • Determining fundamental concepts as the foundation on which to build successive trainings
  • Developing a learning plan that emphasizes cognitive strategies for problem-solving to reduce gaps, leveraging a growth mindset for performance improvement

Step 2: Content Analysis and Recommendations

After meeting with your team and performing an analysis to determine overall needs, we present a plan to transform your current training into a more robust offering. To accomplish this, we:

  • Analyze existing content to determine the current state of training
  • Compare training with the workflows and scope of responsibilities to identify any gaps
  • Propose new content to fill in job knowledge gaps, as well as the underpinnings of "why" to create more agile thinkers

Step 3: Presentation

Once the approach has been reviewed and approved by your leadership, we engage with your team to create training media and materials to achieve the desired end. This includes:

  • Determining the most succinct and useful training presentation methods
  • Engaging learners with different learning styles through a mix of delivery methods
  • Grouping learning activities around related concepts to increase ability to draw inferences and connections between ideas and tasks
  • Integrating individual tasks elements into overall function

Step 4: Evaluation

Once training has been delivered, it’s essential to measure the efficacy of the training in order to improve the program and identify areas of growth for individuals. The training process is designed to allow for creating measurable goals and metrics to enable better management. We believe this is best accomplished by:

  • Evaluating learners through practical assessments
    • Incorporating metrics which allow for measuring individual growth
    • Initial testing to show current proficiency and knowledge
    • Creating interim and final assessments that demonstrate growth
  • Evaluating the program to determine efficacy of content, delivery, and instructor

Step 5: Scheduling

To ensure long-term benefit and to aid learning and retention, and ongoing training schedule is created based on peer-reviewed science. Our team will craft a suggested training schedule which takes into account learner aptitude, learning best practices, and proven strategies for future recollection. Research supports a program that utilizes:

  • A training “blueprint” which incorporates:
    • Learning tasks
    • Supportive information
    • Procedural (“Just-in-Time”) information
    • Part-task practice
  • Scheduled spacing and interleaving of trainings to improve core competencies
  • Spaced trainings to facilitate learning and retention of SOPs

Why KoCreation Design?

As organizations know, individuals are their greatest asset. Ensuring employees have a training program that incorporates classic and emerging research and which is customized to your organization’s roles and tasks creates a better onboarding experience, improves performance, and aligns all levels of your organization with its business goals.
Our team is convinced of the benefits gained from training consultation, and we’d love to discuss with you how we can help transform and energize you training program. Select “Contact Us” to begin a conversation with our team and determine if our services match your organization’s needs.